A little hocus pocus!

8:26 AM

Ok y'all
 I know it's not Halloween just yet!!
I just love dressing up in costumes, and watching Hocus Pocus!
 I am loving
 all the fall decorations on store shelves right now as well! 
I have waited so long for this fall weather, 
and it looks like it's here to stay!  
This time of year just puts me in a better mood!

I am going to be completely honest.
 I have never really been that crazy about
 decorating for the holidays.
It is a TON of work!
My mom always went all out and decorated everything!
 It took us DAYS to 
take down Christmas decorations.
So as I got older it was a chore 
I just didn't get excited for. 
Perry would string a few lights and do the minimum.
I just never went really crazy. 
Until my nephew carter was older, 
Its amazing how having kiddos in your family 
your entire out look changes. 
Now I have Ollie and it's a whole new story!
We also have two little nephews 
that just moved closer to us, so we can finally 
celebrate with them as well!! 
We are so blessed to have a season full of birthdays,holidays and FUN!
 I seriously can't wait to experience  this holiday 
season with these little munchkins!
Its way more exciting this time of year 
when you get to watch your children experience it!
 I am looking with brand new eyes! 
I will admit this has me a little crazy with the decorating! 
I have had a few things out for a while and Ollie just giggles and investigates everything new that I put out! 

Perry started giving me 
crazy eyes when I GLANCED at Christmas decorations in Hobby Lobby. I admit I'm a little out of control at times! However, I would really like to upgrade some of our Christmas decor and they have the best sales! 
he was not nearly as excited! 

 The time with my family is such a treasure. We just found out we get to celebrate with the In-laws this year around Halloween and Christmas!
 It is such a blessing, I know they are missing 
the grand-kids like crazy!
We just can't wait to see them! 
We are hoping to see some of my 
extended family over Thanksgiving
It's been way too long!!

I know my grandma is ready for a visit so we hope it works out with work schedules,finances, and traveling.
Ice storms are notorious, around that time of year.
 We are thinking
driving to southern Illinois would be the most cost effective. 
We would only have a few days off 
and if for some reason our flights were 
delayed we would be out of luck!
so hopefully it will all work out!

 I want to fill yall in on what we will be up to!

 Ollie loves this cop outfit! 
He ran around saying 
boom boom boom
and chasing me with legos
 and wanting me to play dead!

I think we may be cop and robbers for Halloween
Seriously! Best looking cop I know! 
 This time last year he was just learning how to roll over and eat cereal!!

We have a few things planned for this fall and I figured we could share 
our fall to do list! 
What do you do in the fall?

-Take a trip to a dairy farm- A local farm always puts on a big event! We went last year, and really look forward to it again this year!
-Carve and Paint pumpkins
-Visit the pumpkin patch
-Watch Hocus Pocus a trillion times- we have already started on this one =]
-Pick apples
-Make Apple pies for the neighbors
-Make nature Art
-Go on walks after dinner to look at the leaves.
-Make corn bread and chili
-Get some new fall books from the library
-Get a family Photo taken when the leaves start to change
-Go camping at least once 
-Make Apple Cider
-Have a big Bon-Fire
-Make pumpkin bread
-Take a Hay Rack Ride
-Visit a corn maze
-Put up some decorations
-Make a "thankful" gift for the grandparents
-Read tons of books!
-Take tons of pictures

Happy Fall Y'all

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