Day 3. Partner in crime

11:46 AM

Oops, I switched around day 2 and 3. Oh well! You are actually getting this posted technically a day late and on time. wait what?

Anywhoo! Today is the story about Perry and I. 

I am officially Happily Married !

If you dont know Perry and I met in middle school.. 
I wont bore you with all the details but we dated off an on when we were younger. 
When we went into highschool, we both got into serious relationships with other people.

Perry and his family moved to North Carolina his sophomore year. 

Perry and I have ALWAYS been able to tell each other anything We have some kind of weird ability to not be embarrassed around one another.

We kept in touch with phone calls every now and then and emails. Its not like it was daily or anything it was more just to catch up, every once in a blue moon. [fun fact, I was born on a blue moon]

I NEVER imagined we would ever get back together. We were VERY different people. Perry like skateboarding and smoking! I was not into either, so naturally when he came to Kansas for a visit I didnt know how I felt towards him. We were very different people from high school.
 Perry came to Kansas in March of 2007 to visit friends and of course me. We had been talking for a few months so I was really excited to see him. He was scheduled to go back to NC the following week. 

Perry never made his flight back to North Carolina. We work in some weird way, we get each other. Not to say that its always been easy we have had our fair share of disagreements. 

example: Perry finally nixed the cigarettes,  after much begging I hated it! My dad had just quit and so Perry finally decided it was time for him too.  I dont know how many people know this but Perry wanted kids right away, I never really knew if I wanted kids.
 [gasp, I know!] I just wasnt in that mind frame yet. I told Perry if he quit smoking, when he was ready we would start trying for kids. Lo and Behold he did quit and now we have a wonderful little boy. Compromise people.  I'm sure had he not quit smoking we would still have ollie, and I wouldnt love him any less but it worked out for us. We play little games  and make bets like this all the time. usually one of us caves in and the other wins. Just keepin the love alive =]

Ill be honest, we have had our battles but some how we get through them and  that's what means the most to me. I would rather work hard at something and know its solid, we have come through a lot and we are proud of it. We are not perfect by any means we just do the best we can.

Perry and I dated from the end of March 2007-Jan.22 2010 when we got married. 
Our wedding of course wasnt traditional either. We both worked and went to school so money was tight, we had been saving for about 6months but things just kept coming up in our life. We decided to just do it!
 We planned a small ceremony and were printing our own invitations the diy route. Then one Friday Perry called and said lets go to the courthouse we are doing it today! I know it doesnt sound like it but it was romantic and fun and felt very freeing. We of course called our family and friends and sent out announcements. We saved the money we would have spent on our small cermony and went on a wonderful honeymoon. We booked a 7 day cruise and had the time of our life. 
 Maybe one day we can have a vow renewal who knows.... Right now Im just enjoying our life and little family and where we will be in the next few years??... well I hope we are as happy then too! 

 Perry is the best dad in the whole world.

He is a great husband!  for the most part iw always thinking of me first. I hope to be as good to him as he is to me.

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  1. LOVE YOU TWO!!! Ya'll seriously make me vomit in my mouth with your cuteness!! Photo creds' to me on the last one ;)

  2. Yes thank you I love that picture! We don't have many from the last year of just us. I've been a slacker ;(


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