Dream vacation..

10:54 PM

Vacation... Yes please! For free? Why thank you! Well we all know that's not going happen so we will just dream a little! 

I have a few dream places I would like to go, but first let's start with my faves. 

I love being home, simple ain't half bad. Ya know what I'm sayin' I'm talking about a staycation!  Sitting at home with no plans seems amazing to me most days somehow we always end up being so busy! 

I really don't need a big fancy vacation to make me happy. It's just nice to wish a little and I'll be super honest, on rough days I do sometimes wish I were sippin' piña colada's in the Bahamas again. It was the perfect honeymoon! 

I will tell you though,  my favorite family vacations growing up, is and always will be Colorado! My family and I would go every summer growing up and camp or rent a cabin or condo. We always had the best time and looking back im so glad it's something my parents were able to do for us! 
                    Estes park

If I could pick anywhere to go right now and someone would pay for it, It would be such a tough choice! Probably a disney cruise because the thought of leaving all ollie gives me a little anxiety! It's weird how having kids changes your world! I don't know if I would want to leave the country without ollie, I wouldn't... Couldn't. I would want to do a family vacation! At this moment in life, anyway maybe these next places can be options when he is a little bigger! 

Now If ollie wasn't 17 months old, wasn't teething and I wasn't terrified to leave him for more than a few hours...
It honestly would be a toss up between....

Wild panda refuge- yes I would pay to help feed,and pet, and scoop panda poop! I have loved pandas all my life and this would be a dream come true... Ok not the poop part but the rest!

Greece- to learn more about my family. My papa was Greek and it's a side of my family I would love to know more about! 

Anne frank house! I read Anne frank's diary in the 7th grade and have dreamt of going there ever since. This would be the most likely of the three. Perry would really like to go here as well! Touring all the museums and being scooped up in all the culture and history,Amazing! 
Well I could go on with my list of 10,00 places I want to see before I die but this is a dream list so I'll just stop with three!!

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