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9:48 AM

Well, I'm a day or two behind on my 30 days of blogging. I had a awesome weekend and it put me a little bit behind. I'm totally ok with it because honestly we had a stinkin' blast! So I figured today would be all about catching it up with a little weekend recap ;)

Friday my mom came to town and we went shopping for a upcoming gender reveal and suprise party. We literally spent three hours in hobby lobby! If I were going to be in any store that long im glad it was this one! Perry luckily got off work early and was able to keep ollie at home. Oliver would not have been happy for 3 hours! I found out yesterday what my friend is having and I'm over the moon excited for the party to get here and for them to find out! It will be such a blast! 

Saturday- We decided spur of the moment that we were going to hit up a consignment sale in Manhattan and go to the pumpkin patch! We got ollie a few pair of sweatpants, some high end sweaters and a suitcase toy that he insisted we buy! He was wheeling it around and everyone was saying how cute he was, he kept waving and signing please when he wanted something and was basically being a little ham! Afterwards we went to target to get some of the candy apple flavored Oreos that we keep hearing everyone talk about! Luckily Manhattan has a super target and they had a big shelf full of them! Spoiler alert: They are amazing, so try them if you can.From what  I understand they are a target exclusive!

After we left target we drove by our old house and of course started missing living in Manhattan. We then went to the a&h pumpkin but it was packed! I think it was opening weekend there so we decided to go out to Brits garden and we are so glad that we did! My parents met up with us and we all had a great time! We each got a little pumpkin to take home and went on a hay rack ride, they had a giant air pillow you could jump on that Oliver LOVED and we took a ton of pictures! I will include some pictures of the day below!


He didnt want to stand by himself

I tried running away while perry took a quick picture but no luck.

He didnt really understand these at first.

He enjoyed just running around!

My mom dad and I please, excuse my sunglasses my nice ones broke when we pulled into the pumpkin patch

Ollie and I on the Hayrack ride

My nephew Carter!

Sunday- Perry had to work so Ollie and I just hung out at home and snuggled in our Jammie's and watched some shows played some toys you know the drill! We were basically lazy little bums! 

Ollie took two naps! Saturday must have taken a toll on him because usually he only sleeps for about an hour each nap and these were both closer to two hours! I got some much needed cleaning and laundry done!
We FINALLY found Ollie some slippers in his size we have been looking for what feels like forever! He has refused to take them off even while napping! I removed one the other day and he woke up out of deep sleep and started crying until I put it back on! 

Schools were out here Monday and Tuesday so I had the bigger kids which left little time to get blogging done! Luckily Meghan let me use her house yesterday and it worked out way better and I wasn't crazy by the end of the day winning! Her house is about twice the size as mine if not more! She even had coffee and pumpkin spice creamer waiting for me! Why, yes she was a freaking angel! 
Oliver however wasn't nearly as excited about being up an hour before normal but he did finally come around after his first nap! We all had a blast and of course now I wish we had a bigger house. ! 

Well I think that pretty much catches me up! I hope you enjoyed our weekend recap as much as we did! 

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