Happy new year!

5:30 PM

Hi y'all!!

This post is hitting the blog a little later than I wanted! Typical, I know! Better late than never.
I hope everyone had a wonderful new year! My husband and I thought about going out and doing something fancy this year, but instead decided we would stay home and keep our sweet boy on his schedule. 

With all the family members visiting, us traveling,and running around Ollie has really got off his routine. After Christmas we started going back to our normal daily schedule and he has been in bed and sleeping by 9pm every night! I'm really excited because it's truly been helping his overall mood. So that being said we decided to stay home. ollie was in bed  by 10 he did stay up a little later than normal and play some board games with us and a good friend of ours but all in all it was a great low key night! 

I think it was a good thing we had such a low key night because this year I have big goals! So it gave us time to sit back and reflect on the past year.  We talked about what we see ou next year looking like.We have  thought really long and hard about our dreams for the new year! 
We wanted attainable goals so we just listed out the basics! We aren't really big into resolutions unless it's something we both know we can achieve! 
I figured I would write about a few and keep myself accountable! 

We as a family have talked about the following :

I want to capture more moments! I tend to be In the moment and forget to take photos or even video. When I look back on videos,photos, or Facebook/blogpost they are like pure gold to me so I want to make a point to be present and document our lives better. This also means getting me in more pictures as well! So perry and I are very on board with this one! 
I am getting better with it though! I just love this photo of Oliver checking Santa out, he crawled into his lap and told him all kinds of baby babble! I know I will treasure these when he gets older! 

Quality time: I want us to spend time together as a family that of course is very important and we have set aside to to really unplug and just be together doing family activities.
With that being said I want to also take sometime and focus on my husband. I tend to put so much time and patience into my time with Oliver that Perry kind of gets the cranky, impatient side of me. I know that's not fair so I want to make it a point to spend sometime with just him we think monthly dates (to start) will help us get some "us time" out of the house. I also like the idea of 30minutes before bed just us to catch up and talk. The second part won't be hard because we communicate well, but The getting out and trusting a babysitter will be the hard part! For both of us!!!  We only have a few people that we would leave Ollie with (first child syndrome)

We have a ton of friends currently going through divorce  (about 4 couples we know) it seriously breaks my heart but we totally understand some people just don't work out, and that's ok! 
 It has been hard for us because we loved our big group of friends and it seems it has hit a lot of people as of late. Disclaimer: Perry and I are not thinking of divorce or even heading in that direction,the exact opposite really. Having witnessed what some of our close friends are going through and losing some of our friends in the processwe have realized the importance of making that time for one another and really expressing how important our marriage is!

This is our most recent photo together and it was MONTHS ago so I'm hoping for some new date night pictures here in the near future! 

Okay, moving on from all that sappy stuff and back to what I was saying... Goals,hopes, resolutions...

Family vacation: This doesn't fall into resolution but we will need to budget plan and really make this a priority or time just flies by!  So, with that being said it doesn't have to be something big. A few days off  where we just spend quality time together!  We thought about getting a pool pass this summer and then taking a couple camping trips and maybe getting to see my grandma and Perrys parents this year! I hope we get to do at least a few small short trips. Although I would be happy just taking a stay-cation  here at home. Whatever will fit into our budget and time off ;) 

We have also made the saving,and budgeting goals as most people do, so I won't really go into details on those they are kinda lame! 

I have made a personal goal of getting healthy. I know that it doesn't happen over night so I'm taking it a day at a time, but I really want my family to eat healthier and that starts with me. I hope to lose this last bit of weight before we start thinking about another baby! I started the 21 day fix and I'm really liking it so far! My mom and dad have started doing it with me so it's been nice seeing their text messages of food ideas and pictures of what they are eating! I don't want to make unrealistic goals for myself so overall even if I don't lose a pound I want to make healthy meals for my family and that I can do :). 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and blessed 2015! 


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