Christmas Part 1.

10:33 AM

 HI! I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas, my sweet little family had a blast. Perry was off work for almost a whole week. It was pretty great to have him around. Perry's family came into town the week before Christmas. We got to spend a few days with them here at our place and then traveled to my brother in laws house for Christmas dinner and gifts! It was honestly so much fun. Ollie helped his daddy and pa finish up the lego table that they were building for his cousins. Grandma and Papa really put a lot of work into that project and it was fun to see all 3 generations going to work together on it!

Please excuse the diaper and boots look we have going on here! Oliver is now a partial nudist and pretty much hates pants! However, this child refuses to walk around with out boots or slippers on! He just knows what he wants I have to respect that! 

The in laws went to visit the cousins on Wednesday to celebrate C's birthday! We got up there on Friday, Perry was able to get the day off work so we spent the day driving and I know I haven't mentioned this yet and I swear I will get our road trip review up but DVDs players are seriously the best invetion ever! We didn't hear a single peep from Ollie until the last 20mins and it was a great excuse to stop at target grab some Starbucks, and stretch ole' legs! 

When we did finally get there around 4 we played with the kiddos checked out the sweet Lego table in action, took some family photos and ate some awesome food!!

I am one of those crazy people that love all the kiddos to match so for the last two years I have picked up Jammie's for the kiddos to open on Christmas Eve! It's just so stinking cute! I loved watching them all run around and play together!

I know they look adorable but getting this picture took lots of clapping,calling and even a flashlight to get all 3 to look at the same time! It was pretty hysterical! 

After dinner we opened gifts, and played with the kiddos some more. After the boys went to bed we stayed up and played catch phrase and enjoyed some adult beverages! Of course, my boy refused to sleep in a strange place and stayed up until midnight! He was a little stinker but it was Pierce Christmas after all! He was pretty adorable, I don't know if you know much about catchphrase but you have to pass it around like a hot potato. Ollie found a small toy and when we would pass he would pass a toy to grandma. He also would sit on the sofa and giggle and cover his little mouth it was super cute. There was no way I could be mad at him! 

We all headed to bed after our games and woke up to orange rolls the next morning! I wish I had a picture of just how delicious they looked but they were gone pretty fast! After breakfast grandma and papa had to head home, so us kids headed out to Ikea! 

Perry and I had to pick up a few gifts and seriously who doesn't just love a trip to ikea! It's easy to lose two hours there, after we left ikea we grabbed some lunch and headed home. Ollie pretty much slept the entire way home.

I would say it was the perfect Pierce Christmas! 

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