Day 6. Bucket list

10:26 AM

I love lists! So of course the Idea of a bucket list is amazing!  I want to do a little of everything in life. I love to travel, I want to experience the world, and be spontaneous. We sadly,just we don't always have the time, darn jobs! I hope as the years go by we can check more things off our list! 

Get married x
Go to New York
Start a family x
Go on a cruise
Buy a forever home
Write a book 
See the Anne frank house
Take a road trip 
Send a message in a bottle
Live to meet my grandchildren 
Master photoshop (grr)
Back pack through Europe
See pandas at the zoo!!
See the northern lights
Weekend trip to Vegas
Celebrate my 50th anniversary
Swim in every ocean 
Raise amazing children
Take a photo everyday for a year
Train and complete a 10k
Visit Greece/learn my family history
Name a star
Go on a cruise x
Be in a tv show audience 
Take my husband to Chicago and of course chicago sky deck!!
Make something awesome from something that I got for free
Visit every us landmark as a family
Become a better photographer
Adopt an animal 
Bake every single thing in a cookbook preferably a dessert book ;)
Give my children a love for reading
Witness something magical
Love someone with my whole heart x

I'm sure I could go on forever but I'll stop here! 

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  1. Lets get that 10K under our belts while we still have age on our side!!!


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