Day 9 hoarder problems

7:20 AM

Do I collect things?

Uh yea! I have a few mini obsessions! 

Opi nail polish. Really nail polish in general! I can't help it! I just see a color and I've got to have it. 

Handbags, I can't help this one either, I have done better with this though! I haven't purchased a new bag in sometime. Months really! 

Pyrex- my newest obsession, I really love vintage pyrex! I find this at local thrift stores and estate sales! It's so much fun finding a piece I've been searching for ;) I hit the jackpot when my mother in law brought two big boxes from North Carolina! I'm so lucky! 

I have a problem with clothes too....mine, Perry's and most definatley Ollies! I don't really throw much out but this year I have started donating and selling some items I no longer use let's hope I can continue with the donating ;) 

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  1. Time for another round of #minsgame? November challenge?!?!?

  2. I wish. I just donated about 30 bags/boxes to the good will!
    I hope to have a big Garage sale, but I said that all summer so I dont know if that will happen now that I just gave everything away! =]


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