Day 5 Old school

10:19 PM

 So I am actually doing Day 6: Favorite Childhood Books/Activities

I just want to say sorry for  Day 5, it should be whats in my purse, however I am having some technical difficulties. My iPhone started making some weird noise so I shut it off and reset it. Then It wanted me to update it, so I did that. Now, its not turning on,or turns on and beeps really strangely I may just have to take it in. Needless to say I took all the photos on my phone so that post will be on hold until tomorrow when I fix my phone. hopefully

 Day5/6 =]

When I was little my all time favorite book was Are you my mother! I read it over and over,cried, and giggled! No matter how many times It was read to me I was always afraid that little bird wouldn't find its momma!  It is still one of my favorites and I now, read it to Ollie!
The Giving Tree is one of my moms Favorites, she a librarian so she has a ton but I know this has always been in her top five! We read this alot and it has become one of my favorites as well! If you haven't ever read it you should, its such a sweet story.

I would say all the Dr. Seuss books were fairly popular in our house. My mom read to us a lot so these are the books I remember! These were a few of my favorites, I wish we would have kept them all but we always lent them out or donated our books. so now I am trying to rebuild the collection for Oliver.
Yea, we loved these books! I remember we go and get them checked out from the library.  My sister and I felt so cool checking out our own books,  My mom was awesome about that kind of thing. That leads me into our favorite activities, which would have to be going to the zoo, library or to my Nana and Pa's house.
As for other activities I can't really remember specifics but we did a ton of stuff growing up ! My mom always had us in gymnastics and soccer or some kind of activity from when we were super young. Other than sports or reading I had a doll house I was obsessed with. I also had about 10 thousand Polly pockets that occupied my time.
If I ever have a daughter I would love to have some of these again.

 I would say however I remember the most that both parents would read to us and its something I look back on and know that's where my love of reading started. My mom would give us a bath and my dad would brush our hair while my mom read. My dad could braid mine and my sisters hair in less than a minute and we had some long hair! I know its not that impressive but I remember thinking he was super man! Only really cool dads know how to braid, right? 

Well this brought up some really cool memories for me.  Tomorrow is actually my little sisters birthday so I am really wishing she still liked Polly Pockets!  Actually, its too bad she was a tomboy and knew way more about soccer and sonic the hedgehog than any boy on our street! Its heartbreaking but the truth is I doubt she would even remember Polly Pockets!!  Yep, we were exact opposites! Happy (early) Birthday Danielle Lauren!

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