17 months old :)

8:56 AM

 Well another month bites the dust!

Oliver is 17 months old!

I think I am finally getting used to this big boy attitude thing he has going on. In the last month he has really wanted to be independent. He can follow more directions and sign a few more signs. 
These are a few of the ones he knows! 

All done
Thank you 
And icky, which he sorta made up made up on his own and its so cute I don't correct it! 
Working on thank you and drink still but he almost has them down

He still gets frustrated with speaking the words. I can tell he is trying to form them just can't always get them out! 
He curently says:

Mimi - (pronounced meh-meh)
Nana (nah-nah)
Baba - for his cup, working on this one too!
poo- says p-ewww and waves his hand in front of his nose
Good (good gur) is what he says to what ever animal he is attacking. I always tell our cat and dog they are good girls while he pets them so that has rubbed off ;)
I've worked on hi and bye but he gets really shy so mostly waves.. Working on that as well! 

He knows: 
Speaking of teeth...
Ollie has two molars coming in right now and they are just awful! It has really messed with him. He went almost two full days without eating a thing! I hate it when he is in pain like this it breaks my heart!  He currently has his top and bottom front  four teeth in already and one eye tooth on the top half way in and the two top molars coming in. He was slow to start getting teeth but he sure is making up for It now! 

Playing has really progressed this month he can follow simple directions and his sorting skills are getting  much better I have also noticed, that he is holding focus on one item for a lot longer. He still refuses to sit and watch anything on tv except of course the movie Frozen.

He has been obsessed with his dad lately! (No,surprise)  You can't tell but he is wearing a diaper and snow boots! This kid cracks me up! I think he tries to be like dad and wear big boots all the time! 

My mom and I went to a craft show and he just walked up and posed for a picture! 

Until next time!

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  1. Don't forget, he said Josh too!!! He's too big! Put a brick on his head and feet him coffee, it will slow the groooowing!!!!


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