Game Changer!

8:36 AM

What, what! 

I'm super duper excited to do this next set of blogs!
Why, because I'm an odd duck! 
Plus, I do what I want! Just kidding! 
Honestly, pretty much anything excites me these days! 
I feel like I'm in a really positive place in life right now! 
I will admit I had a rough day last Friday. I just felt mentally drained my friend and I went to work out and had a few glasses of wine and it really helped me clear my head. This taught me that
I need to make time for me! 
I feel like this blog should reflect some things... just about me.
I love telling you about Ollie and our little adventures but I have always had a journal and ive really fallen off on that. So I want to force myself to stick to something. 

I have decided to do a 30 day blog challenge! Mostly to challenge myself! 
I love to read these and thought it would be so much fun to do one of my own it will be fun to see how things change or don't change for me in the years to come! 

I will write a post everyday for the next 30 days!
Some will be short, some long, mostly silly, fun facts about me!

I should have started this on the first but I'm just going to jump in and start now! 

Day 1- five facts about your self with current picture
Day 2- relationship status and dating story
Day 3- five year plan
Day 4- why did you do this challenge
Day 5- what's in your purse
Day 6- favorite childhood books/activities
Day 7- bucket list
Day 8- 20 facts about you.
Day 9- Favorite vacation spot/ Dream vacation
Day 10- what do you collect
Day 11-Whats in your makeup bag
Day 12- If I won the lottery...
Day 13- Timeline of your day
Day 14- First Celebrity crush
Day 15-Favorite Holiday
Day 16- Dream Job
Day 17- A difficult time in your life
Day 18- Family Traditions
Day 19- Weird quirks
Day 20- A photo of what you ate today.
Day 21- What you never leave the house without
Day 22- Throw back to 5 years ago, have you changed?
Day 23- TV show(s) you are currently addicted to.
Day 24- A photo of you and your family
Day 25- A animal you would love to have as a pet
Day 26- Nick names you have and why
Day 27- How many children you want and why?
Day 28- 10 Favorite Movies
Day 29- Perfect Date Night
Day 30- A picture from you today and 3 happy memories from the last 30 days

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