Day 1. Total Fail

7:30 PM

Hey Y'all
My name is Jackie
I sometimes forget just how old
I am. (Gasp) I'm 26!
Im married to a awesome man!
We have a little boy named Oliver, and he is my whole world in one tiny little baby body!

Okay so today I will tell you 5 Random things about me that you wouldnt generally know.

1. I am a lousy housekeeper, if I could be fired I would be. Some awesome people have this ablity to keep the home spotless. Honestly I do not! I am so glad my husband loves me and puts up with my procrastination. Most days I am scrambling to finish dinner, and pick up the house before he walks into the door. I would much rather play with Ollie than to mop the floor. Perry is great about this he will help with dishes after dinner or help me cook dinner if we have had a rough day. Blessed y'all I am blessed!

2. I have a home based daycare. I love kids, I love watching them learn and grow! I really wanted to be a teacher when I was in school. At times Its something I still consider but I love so much the life I am living right now being at home with my family, I wouldnt change it for the world.

3. I try to be optimistic. I have my moments and honestly I think everyone does. I however try to find the good in everything! Its a good and bad thing at times. I tend to be very indecisive about things! I try to make the best out of every situation that I'm very go with the flow at times. I  I hate people who are constantly negative, or will hold a grudge for the longest time! Im the type of person who just Hakunna Mattatas =]

4. I love coffee, I may be strangely addicted. I love home brewed, iced, starbucks, folders, its doesnt matter! I wish I loved teas as much. Tea is so much better for you and I try to put good foods into my diet. However coffee and I are old pals. Perry gives my so much crap because I will want to make a big cup of coffee after dinner! I have my reasons!!

 2 reasons really: Im tired y'all, chasing after little boys all day is DRAINING! I want to stay up and spend time with Perry. 2. It taste so yummy! I then lay in bed and wonder why I cant sleep. [Yea, I know not very smart]

5. I am a list maker, and a reader. I don't get much time to read anymore, but I try to squeeze it in when I can. I currently just finished Gone Girl not my typical choice of book but it was pretty twisted! I make 10,000 little notes/lists. These things keep me sane, the love of a good book and the feeling I get when I check off all the to-do's on my list I feel like Im on top of the world. I have just made a cleaning checklist, I put it up on my fridge. Maybe this will help me improve on fact number one!!

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