Fall Fashion

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I know its not quite fall yet. 
last week we had a few days where the
high for the day was only 70 with a low of 50!
I seriously had a jacket and jeans on! YAY!
So, that calls for a little fall celebration! I've
busted out all my fall scented candles and have welcome home from scentsy burning in my warmer!  
 I  keep dreaming of big ole giant
 comfy sweaters, boots, leggings, apple cider and sipping my coffee 
on the porch in the nice crisp air. 
 come on, mother nature I'm not asking for much right!?!

Now that Ollie is getting bigger, I am so in love 
with Little boys fashion.
I know, most people think that boys clothing isn't
 as cute,fun,or as exciting as girls. 
I feel like boys clothing has come miles in the last few years! I have honestly found some really cute outfit ideas on Pinterest. 
I figured I would share my finds with you! 
I know these styles aren't for everyone but I'm a big sucker for a boy in a cardigan, and babies in little beanies! Seriously tug at my heart! 

I don't own rights to these photos they are just from my pinterest board

We did make it to the Old Navy Labor day sale! 
I will show a picture of  our little loot.
I would say we did pretty good this time.
I love the skinny fit jeans on Ollie, they fit him AMAZING!!
We also really love the thermals they mix and match so well!
The Old Navy clearance section always has some good deals!

I tend to push the limit with Oliver's clothes. 
I love printed leggings or a colored jean! I know I will only be able to get away with it for a little while longer!  Soon he will be big enough to tell me that he hates it and starts picking out his own clothes!! 
Luckily, all the stuff we purchased at old navy was pretty tame! Perry actually picked out most of it! 

The moccasins were all me. Perry does like them but Ollie hasn't worn any since he was about 3months old. I thought it was such a good deal (less than 13.00) to get and try out again. Before I spend the big bucks to see if he would even let me put them on his fat little piggies. I think we will be ordering more soon! So far Ollie really likes them! If you don't know this Oliver LOVES shoes! We constantly have 3 or 4 pairs on the floor that he has taken out and tried putting on himself.
It's incredibly adorable!  

Mama Style!
Ok, let me just clarify. 
I am a stay at home mom. Most days I wear my Jammie's until way too late into the day to admit!
What I'm saying is I am by no means a fashion expert, or guru. 
Heck I don't even know if what I like is really in style.
I've had a baby, that instantly aged my fashion expertise by 20 years!
I am so behind the trends, I just like what I like
( I know I have to stop using this excuse.)
so even though I lost the 27 pounds I gained with Mr. Oliver
My body is nowhere near what it used to be. Things just fit different. 
Ya know what I'm saying?
With that being said, Fall is my season girls!
 I love all the layering!!
I am always willing to try something new! 
I'm also a huge jeans and boots girl, which my husband says translates into
"I can find something I want to wear in every store kinda girl." 
let me stop rambling and get to the good stuff! 

I fell in LOVE with the American Eagle sweater vest Here.
I would have snatched it up in a hot second.....well
before I had Ollie. At almost 70.00 buckaroos I couldn't justify it! 
Baby clothes are expensive and I would rather spend the money on him!
I was so excited to find that Target had one almost the same for half the price! Score! This little baby just had to Fall right into my cart! 

Every Girl loves a good bargain right?!
I also have an imaginary closet of my own on Pinterest! 
I will be on the look out for some big comfy sweaters soon!
I will add a few of my fall favorites from Pinterest below. I will be keeping
an eye out for these styles!  Hopefully my real life closet will start to look like my Pinterest board! 

Im Loving, plaids, combat boots, big comfy sweaters, pretty much
anything that says fall I am all over it!

Mini Ollie Update: Oliver is getting so big and this past week 
he has been such a good eater!
This has thrilled me because he is usually so picky!
My parents came to town over the weekend and
Oliver got to spend a few
hours with his Mimi and pa!
My mom kept telling me how shocked she was at how much he ate! 
I was weirdly so proud of him, its just goes to show he is growing up and getting so big so fast!!!! 
Here are some pictures of him out with my parents. 

He had such a good time! They said he was a perfect
Angel! He, of course had to push the cart at the store and do his own shopping. While at the restaurant, he insisted on sitting in the booth like a big kid!
He is just something else. So independent!

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