Ollie gets a big boy bed!

11:37 AM

I feel like this tiny little baby has grown into a little boy over night! It seriously just breaks my heart sometimes! Oliver has always been pretty independent! I went back and forth on whether or not he was ready for a big boy bed yet or not. Ultimatley,we decided that it was time. Ollie would fall asleep and bonk his head  on the crib rails or wedge his foot above or below the mesh bumper and wake up so angry because he had a arm or leg stuck. 
I asked a bunch of friends when they made the switch and was surprised that most moved around the same time as Ollie. A friend of mine suggested to let him pick out his bedding, and that it would make him feel included! I thought that was a great idea!

So off to Target we went! Ollie was not really interested in picking one. He just enjoyed picking them up and throwing them around the isle. We had about 6 different ones picked out and he had them all over the place jumping, kicking,throwing and climbing on all of them!Of course, he thought it was the funniest thing in the world! He was having such a blast!

 I kept thinking well this is a big disaster how in the world will we know which one he likes? I was a little defeated at this point because I was feeling like maybe he was a too young for it! Then my AMAZING husband had a brilliant idea!

Perry took all the bedsets we had in the isle and put them up. I thought he was reading my mind. Thinking we needed to get the hell out of target before we both lost our minds. I was so surprised that he pulled the stuffed animals that matched each set. He had ollie pick up his favorite one. GENIUS!

Its amazing how patient men can be! I love that we can balance each other out like that.
Perry Lined up the following characters for Ollie
Sully from Monsters university.
A construction truck shaped throw pillow
Jake from Jake and The Neverland Pirates.
A minion from Dispicable Me
Mickey Mouse and Elmo.

We had ollie pick about 6 times. We would cycle out all the stuffed animals and he picked Jake The Pirate EVERY TIME!

It didnt suprise me because the daycare kiddos watch that show in the morning so I know he was super familiar with the show. I was leaning more towards the construction theme set because he is obsessed with those trucks. We literally play construction trucks all day long! We decided that we wanted him to really love it and pick it out on his own!

He has been sleeping so good in his room and really loves his new bed. 

See! This boy sleeps wild!!!

I think we will either do the construction theme set from target for christmas or I have seen Zulily put out some personalized sets that run decently priced so we may do a neutral set for his big boy room. I am so happy with how it turned out and with how much he loves it so far. 

Here is the construction set we were thinking about. Target has a ton of accessories to match so of course I love it! Here.

We spent about a week with the mattress on the floor. When he would wake up he just sat up and would say "dada" "daaaadaaaa"until one of us went in there to check on him. So we upgraded and got him a captains bed and put a rail on the side of it. He's been doing really good and really loves his big boy room! 

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  1. He's growing up so fast!!! STOP IT OLLIE!!! So glad he's doing well in his big boy bed!


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