Weekend Warriors

6:05 AM

My best friend and I went on a girls trip this past weekend. We had such a blast! Meghan's sister Laura is a bikini fitness competitor. We love going to watch her compete! The entire fit essentials team is awesome! If you live in the Omaha area check them out! The show took place in Kansas City just a few hours from us so we just had to go! We got to Kansas City about 1030 and watched the very end of the men's pro division. Then around 1230 we all broke for lunch. Meg and I went downtown to a little cafe and had some really awesome salads! I wish I had taken some pictures but our phones completley died at this point! 

We rushed back to the complex to watch Laura compete at 230. She was awesome! It's so inspiring to watch someone completley change their lifestyle, and work it! I have never seen so many butts in my life!  All jokes aside,these girls were amazing! You see every ounce of effort they put in on that stage. The blood, sweat, tears, the strict diets! I learned so much! We were sitting with Laura's fit family and they were able to explain to us what the judges are looking for.  I'll post some pictures of Laura doin her thang! The lights were so bright so my phone didn't get the best pictures before it died again! ;( 
She's in the middle (dark purple) 

After the strict diets these rock stars had to endure, we ate! Where do carb deprived, strict diet,super hungry, competitors want to eat? Old Chicago, of course! There was so much food and drinks the atmosphere felt like it was on fire! The place was packed with high school kids on one side because it was homecoming. Our side was filled with all of the competitors it was insane! I have never seen so much food! Meg, and I didn't get crazy she got a burger and ditched the bun and my meal came way late so I just cancelled it,but the amazing waiter brought it out to me at no charge!! I ordered the chicken pesto panini and of course I had to try the sunset beach drink! 

My view!^ 
                 We all had a blast!!

We finally made it back to the hotel after swinging by target to get bottled water, Kleenex, cough drops, and cake batter Chapstick... You know the essentials! 
My allergies had really been kicking up over the weekend and I ended up losing my voice! We made time to hang in the lobby with the crew and have a few drinks! Meg and I went upstairs fairly early around midnight and got some sleep! We both were so freaking excited to have a comfy,extra fluffy queen sized beds all to ourself!! 
              We had a sitting area! 

We stayed at the SpringHills suites in Overland Park! Did you see the comfy beds?!? This place was so awesome they were so accommodating! The rooms were very spacious and really clean! 

This was my first trip away from Ollie.  So too say I was a feeling a little guilty was a understatement. I was so worried that he was going to flip out and be crazy for his daddy! Perry's dad came into town and they both said that Oliver was a perfect angel he took both naps and had no problems going to bed! Perry let him sleep in our bed while I was gone. Perry said he slept like a king all propped up on my pillows :) 

It was such a blessing that papa got to be in town this weekend! I know how much Perry loves having him here. I was a little sad I didn't get to spend much time with him but they really had a good time and so did I! It worked out really well!

We used FaceTime a lot over the weekend, but I'm gald I had the oppertunity to have a girls trip and Ollie had some boys time! I came home Sunday afternoon and I had a sweet little boy who was so excited to see me! 

I will call this weekend a success! Here are some pictures Perry sent me over the weekend!
    At walmart taking some test drives ;) 
     Chinese dinner with dad and papa! 
What this mama learned this weekend is...

Love the body you have! I am not where I want to be or looking like I want but,that's ok! I am going to work hard. I'm embracing the body I own today! 

Inspiration is contagious, I feel like a whole new person coming home inspired and refreshed. 

It's okay for me to take some "me time" every now and then! 
Girls time is needed, I forgot how quiet and peacefully amazing a 2.5 hour car ride could be with out children! 

Until next time! 

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  1. I KNEW your coverage of this weekend would be so much better than mine lol. Great post lady loved it!


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