16 months old

1:04 PM

Ollie and his buddy Mike watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Can y'all freaking believe it! 
16 months old already! 
I know it's no surprise, that this mama is beyond shocked.
 I am completely flabbergasted  at how fast time goes by! 
Everyone warns you! I just cant seem to wrap my head around it!
I feel like I wasn't prepared for it! I mean, I just figured time would slow down at some point. Nope, nada, zilch, time flew by with vengeance.
Don't get me wrong I love watching him learn and grow, I just wish it hadn't happened so fast! 

Ollie is officially on track to become a big boy! 
He is full of personality and much to my dismay independence! 
He is wanting to do everything on his own lately!
 It's so refreshing watching a child grow, it's also a tiny bit scary, amazing, and completely never-wracking at times! 

I have a bunch of girl friends that have boys and they constantly tell me they don't know how I do it! Which to me is a great compliment because I really feel like  a hover mother! They all agree that Ollie is a little dare devil! He will climb on just about anything and is so fearless! He now has watched the older kids climb up the slide, and slide back down so what does he want to do!?  
The same thing!
Dear sweet baby Jesus! 
Help me, I am going to have a heart attack! 
 Sometimes, I think his main goal rolling out of bed is to see
how many mini heart attacks he  can give his momma!
  With as daring and fearless as this boy is he is beyond loving! 
He blows kisses and gives love to just about anyone! 
He is always snuggling or driving one of his stuffed animals 
around in his shopping cart. 
He loves when we are out and about, and people talk to him or give high 5's

My favorite thing that he does right now, is when he is in the middle of playing and wants to randomly crawl up in my lap for a snuggle! 
( I'm so predictable) 

Some of his current favorites right now...

He loves his trucks, of course! We are always playing with trucks! I will try and get some photos off this! We are always playing,racing,yelling and jumping around. I never think to photograph it! Now thinking about it, it would make for some funny photos :) 


  This Doggy Guitar!
 We are constantly singing the "yip-yap-Arf-woof-bow-wow-wow" song that this plays! We picked this little rascal up at Target! I have been very pleased With the B toy line! 
They make such great quality products and they are are pretty adorable to boot!    We have the keys, and drum set that we received as gifts. I figured we should round out the collection with the guitar!! 

We really like pouches! I like them because the are super easy! Ollie doesn't like to eat much in the mornings. If I can get some eggs, and one of these down him we are having a good morning! I want to look into making my own but I haven't done it yet! (Mom fail) 

Oliver, loves his big boy bed! I'm a little sad because he would normally wake up around 6am and want to come snuggle with us in bed for an hour and now he just like his own space! 
Please ignore the level on his bed! He refused letting me remove it! 
Just like daddy! 

Ollie likes to copy cat everything lately! He wants to put on his socks when dad does. He wants to play cook while I'm cooking. He barks with the dogs and blogs when I blog

He's killin' me with cuteness;)
      Seriously, how did I make that! 

He also loves going! Anytime we put on our shoes, or pick up keys or hang a jacket he says "go,go,go! 
He really loves going to the library or local antique shops with me. I have a small obsession with thrift shops and he is by far the best little helper!

This is such a fun age, his personality is really starting to shine! 
He seems like such a big boy lately! 

Until next time! 

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