Christmas Part 2.

1:20 PM

We have spent Christmas at my parents house the last few years. Im lucky to have my family so close. We always go to my parents and do a full fledged Christmas. I know that's not typical after having Ollie I thought we would do Christmas at our place but i just felt like it wouldn't be the same! 
 For one: My brother just turned 18 so as he was growing up,I  felt like he deserved us girls to come home for Christmas.

The second biggest reason is: Its my moms favorite time of year and both her and my dad have birthdays that fall around Christmas. Having so much to celebrate this time of year has always been a really big family event. It literally feels like their is something going on every weekend of December! 

My dad always takes off from Christmas eve until the New Year and so many memories have been made growing up so it also just feels right to be home to wrap up the holiday with them.

Perrys family also lives super far away so its never been a battle or a choice really because airfare around the Holidays would pretty much kill us. seriously have you checked out tickets lately. shoot me in the eye! I am so greatful we got to spend the week before Christmas with them this year.  It truly meant a lot to my husband and I to make those new memories with them! 

We usually go to my moms on Christmas Eve and make dinner and Cookies. Growing up us kids would open one gift on Christmas Eve, it was usually something from our grandparents. 
I have kind of changed that tradition a bit from when I was younger. In my last post I mentioned I like the boys to have matching jammies so that tends to be the Christmas Eve box that the kiddos open now.
I may just make buying everyone matching Pj's a tradition if I can get away with it.
Everyone else usually just opens something that someone picks out but the kiddos get their Jammie's which I just love!  
When we were younger we would travel to my dads side of the family and visit my Grandma and Grandpa in Chicago, I remember it so clearly. I loved seeing everyone and playing with all the cousins I hope thats something that all these boys can look back and remember. I guess thats part of the reason why we still love having Christmas Eve dinner so much.
Carter and Oliver being way to adorable! 

So we went over to my mom and dads place on Christmas eve and followed through with all of our Christmas Traditions. We had a great supper and afterwards hung out and talked and got ready for our night filled with Monopoly. Every year we play games but monopoly is by far the family favorite. This year we played in teams. Of course my husband and I were the first out, but it was still a ton of fun..
Here, the boys are getting in on the monopoly fun!!

We did get the kiddos off to a early bed and luckily Ollie was super worn out and went to bed with out a peep.

We woke up surprisingly late for a change, at around 8:30, my dad was the one going around waking everyone up. I was super excited for ollie to see his big gift that we got him but he was so excited he didnt really play with it much until we got home.
           Ollie got a tool bench from Perrys folks the week before and we got him the play kitchen from ikea. Ollie of course had to help daddy put his kitchen together when we got home!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! 

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