Day 7- 20 facts

1:29 PM

20 facts about me!

1- Im a stage 5 clinger, ok maybe not that bad! I love to snuggle and hold hands thankfully my husband likes it too! 

2. I love the rain, it makes me happy! The sound, the smell, pretty much everything about it.  

3. Fall is my favorite time of year. 

4. I was born in Chicago,IL 

5. I have a older half brother, a little sister and a little brother! They are all pretty much awesome! 

6. I love to bake, pretty much anything delicious! I however dont really enjoy cooking! Quite possibly why I love the crockpot this time of year! 

7. I have an obsession with trees! I love how the snow falls on them, when the leaves change, when they get full of nice juicy apples! 

8.I didn't eat meat for almost 2 years and then I  met my husband who is allergic to milk and we pretty much lived on pasta for a year! 

9. I have been on two carnival cruises and really need to go on another pronto! 

10. my favorite color is teal!

11. I graduated highschool in 2006 (feeling a little old at the moment) 

12. I really love,decorating and party planning. I wish I could do it full time! 

13. I love all types of music some days I feel like a dance party is the only thing keeping the kids and I sane! 

14. I really love camping,fishing and outdoor time relaxing! A bonfire and some good friends is all I need!

15. I have a mild obsession with makeup!  I can't do a smokey eye on these hoods of mine, to save my life but I love trying new products. 

16. I need a keurig stat! I was spoiled while visiting my mom and now I'm addicted!  

17. I blame my husband for being a  horder but I  just washed over 20 throw blankets and now realize I have 
an issue

18. I want to live outside of town and own a horse one day! 

19. Black and white photos complete my life! 

20. I spend at least 5 minutes smelling all the good body washes or candles everytime I go to target! 

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