Day 2. Plans are for winners

6:46 PM

Psh! Maybe that's my problem! 

I am so quick to make plans I tend to overbook myself.
 I love short term attainable goals!

 This made me laugh!

With that being said I will list how I would like the next five years to go! This is a very vague list;) 

1 .Hopefully being blessed with another child! If you don't know it took us about a year to get pregnant with Ollie. I would love to give him a sibling! 

2. We hope to really bulk up our savings account to purchase a house. We have already started this but hope to be in our own home in the next few years ;) I have found a bunch of ideas for saving I really like the five dollar plan. If you want more info you can check it out over here  pinterest. Basically every time you have a 5 dollar bill you put it in a Jar. I think it would really add up over the years

3. I would really like to go back to school and finish my degree! 

4.Take a small family vacation once a year! Nothing super crazy just time together! 

5. Fill my house with tons of ikea purchases! We finally have a brand new store in Kansas City! I am very obsessed with all of the storage options so I have a new obsession! I dont know how this will fit in with my savings plan... but ill make it work! =]

6. Witness something amazing! 

7. Be Happy, by this I mean be in the moment. I dont want to look back in five years and wish I had been in more photos or tried harder or made more of an effort. I want to embrace the little moments and Be Happy when I look back.

Easy  Peasy! 

I will close with a photo of Ollie and I at the movies with Mimi this weekend! 
My mom and I went to see Gone girl and we were waiting for Perry to finish his golf game. Ollie came into the movie and danced in the isle before the previews started! Perry made it just in time :) 

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