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Tiny Baby Ollie 3.5months old

In my previous post I mentioned I would update you on pictures! 
"Your Welcome" 
I was really wanting to include a photo post of the last year, just full of big events 
and of course adorable Ollie updates. 
I hope you enjoy these and get a glimpse into our life. Sorry in advance for the photo overload!

Okay so the last update you had was Ollie at 3 months old! 

                                                Our first trip to the pumpkin patch!!
                                                                5 Months old

Oliver at 6 Months old!!
First Oreo!!!                                          Just being cute!

Ollie's First Christmas!

He loved these tiles!
First Cabela's trip!

Always a wild sleeper! love this one! 
He is always "regulating" with one foot out of the blankets it cracks 
me up that he kicked off one sock! 

His first Easter Egg Hunt with cousin carter!
sorry for the crummy quality,

We made it to a few Easter Egg hunts so he was a little pro by the end of the day!

 We really wanted to have some new professional pictures done for 
So we went to Kansas City and got these! 
We really loved watching him interact with the animals.

While in Kansas city we made it to the Science museum and that was such a blast. 
The kids had a great time, and we were so jealous of their energy!
My nephew Carter was able to make it, my bestie and her kiddos came too!
We did make it over to the mall for a little shopping before, so we were
beat on the way home. It was totally worth it though!
Oliver Had a pretty cool Birthday! 
We made birdfeeders, Had a dig site, and had tons of fun!
Both sets of Grandparents made it!
I sadly could have planned this better but it all 
turned out great and I will remember it forever!
I learned that having a child the same time of year as graduation is
hell! Trying to get a cake made seemed impossible 
even if I did order over a month in advance!
Walmart lost his cake order so I was super panicked the night before
thinking I would have to make it myself! 
Luckily it worked out and they got it made just in time! 

Until next time! 
Thanks for reading!

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