One year update!

7:56 AM

Hey Y'all!
Can you believe that its been a year!?!
From some tough love from a good friend, I have finally decided to pick
this little blog back up! 
Thanks Meghan Dyann! check her out over here,

I wanted so much for Ollie to have this page to look back on and see 
just how loved he is!
So we are putting this back in action!
Our little family has been through so much, its insane! 
I babysat a friends kiddos over the summer so I had between 4-5 kids here daily.
It was honestly a TON of fun except on rainy or really hot days
 when we all felt cramped up.
We made it work, we took lots of trips to the library! 
Perry got a new job, so that I was able to stay home!
He now works much better hours during the week,
 and we actually live right across the street from his work
 so he is always home for dinner! SCORE!
So that obviously means we moved! I HATE moving!
With having a little one it just makes things 100 times more hectic! 
That could be why its taken me so long to get back on track! 
Anyway, its great now that we have settled in.
We have a rental house so it was great having my in laws here
 they really helped us fix things up and its finally feeling like home! 

Oliver is 15 months old
I seriously CANT believe it. 
He is so funny, and ornery! 

I found this little survey and figured I would fill it out and hopefully catch everyone up =]

Stats: 28 in, 21.5 lbs
Favorite Foods: Blueberries, Spaghetti,Grapes & Graham Crackers
Favorite Words: Mama, Dada, Nah! (means NO) JAZZ (our cat, which he yells at the top of his lungs)
Favorite Toy: Hot wheels, Motorcycles, Construction toys, and his shopping cart.
Favorite Activities: He still loves to take walks in the stroller, Bath time,and he is obsessed with dancing and anything musical.
Least Favorite Activities: Long car rides, we are working on this, so if anyone has tips I am all ears!

Nicknames: Ollie, Ollie-J, ollie-kins, Bud/Buddy
Signature Moves: Scrunching his nose!  this one is new,and super cute! 
he  also still loves playing with my hair, I don't know if that will ever change! He also loves to clap and say YAY if you do anything he considers cool! 

Mom's Proudest Moment: THE UGLY: Ollie and I walked out of the bathroom and I went to close the door behind us (because someone likes to play in the toilet when I'm  not watching) Ollie turned around and I shut his tiny finger in the door. It was awful! He lost his finger nail and I was a mess. we rushed to the ER! I felt like such a schmuck! I just couldn't believe I hurt my sweet boy! He was so brave at the hospital and It was the first time I really noticed how big he has gotten!

Dad's Proudest Moment:  Ollie had a big 1st birthday party and the day Daddy & Ollie  were outside playing. Ollie, fell and skinned his nose. I razzed perry about it and he felt so bad, even now looking at the pictures he still feels responsible even though it was a total accident!

There have been about 23.5 billion close calls, Our child has always been a little dare devil. 
He loves to climb on ANYTHING!

Some other recent one year shenanigans...

Ollie almost rolled off the sofa at a friends house onto the hard wood floors . He was fairly young at this time, I would guess around 7months. I swear, Perry saw it happen in slow motion. Perry swan dove across the room and scooped Ollie mid roll and didn't spill a drop of beer he was holding in the other hand! Everyone at the BBQ that was in the room called Perry Super Dad for the rest of the evening.
He was pretty proud of himself. 

I mentioned earlier that Ollie loves to play with my hair. He would  watch my top knot roll around on top of my head when he was a baby! Now, he is always running his fingers in my hair, usually when he is tired. I always complain because my hair is being yanked out. However, I love that he always wants to snuggle me and  usually picks me over dad. Perry keeps his hair super short so its not as much fun snuggling with dad =]

Ollie loves to chase the dog around the living room screaming GOOOOOUUD! Trying to tell the dogs to be "good" of course he usually has some kind of toy in hand his favorite lately is a toy golf club! of course our dogs are all terrified of him now!! 

Ollie loves telling me "NO" I'm pretty sure its all a game for him. He points that little stick finger and say nah nah nah mama! Its pretty adorable unless of course I actually want to get something done.

  I wanted to run into Target to get a few things. Its so freaking hot here in Kansas! I just wanted to get Ollie in and out super fast. So I told him we will not be in here long bud we will be super quick! Of course, that  was not how it went!! We were in target for nearly an hour and half because ollie insisted on "shopping" and pushing the cart himself!

At least he has good taste =]

I  will include some throwbacks for the sake of cuteness in my next post! 
I will leave you with this =]

I sent this photo of Ollie wearing Perry's shoes to his mom and she sent me one back of Perry wearing his dads boots. I thought it was super cute! 
These boys are just two peas in a pod! 

Ollie                                    Perry          

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  1. Awww!!! I'm so glad you got this back up! I can't wait to read all the wonderful things that Ollie will be able to look back on! Thanks for the shout out love, I'll be sure to get you back someday ;)


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