3 months and counting

3:14 PM

Oliver is now 3 months old and holy hat
 I cant believe how fast time has gone by.  

A couple snapshots of the adorable little fella himself!!

 Tank: Baby Gap, Shorts: Target


Seriously, where has the time gone? I still feel the knee pain of being so large that my chicken legs could hardly hold up that growing bundle. The feeling of hefting my giant pregnant body around hasn't left my mind, but  look at that face ^^ It was so worth it!

 However, in all seriousness, I have enjoyed parenthood in away that I never truly imagined. I can't even count the moments of pure bliss on one hand because honestly I am having one of  those moments every five seconds. It doesn't take much, I am a total sucker for this little guy and I cant control it. 

yes, even when he decided that it was a great idea to have a poo-plosion in the middle of target last week. 

Honestly, nothing really prepares you for being a mom you have those 40 weeks to prepare and trust me, I read everything there was to read about babies, marriage & babies, safety, breastfeeding, formula feeding, co-sleeping, nesting, cloth diapers, disposable diapers and 4 million recalls on baby items. I also, took total advantage of Google for everything I didn't know or wanted to know or clarify. (seriously what did people do before Google, jeesh)
I honestly don't think I had a conversation that didn't revolve around something baby from the moment I found out I was pregnant. 
I was stalking forums and blogs and watching YouTube videos like some kind of crazed women... Pregnancy came with this unknown feeling of I need to know everything now! 

 We wanted to be the best parents we could be and I was determined to know it all.


 After those 40 weeks went by and my little bundle was here, all of that information was  replaced with mushy baby voices and pure love for the first few months! I have learned now that being well informed is great, but I am never going to have every answer, and no I won't do everything right or perfect but I am a new mom and I  will give this my all!
Ollie did NOT come with a instruction manual, but figuring out how to be a good parent is part of the fun. We have made memories, laughed, cried, and been frustrated at times, but that's what's been so exciting!
 Lets start with little back story

I never really understood the love that you could possibly have for a child, I have always loved children, however until my early twenties never imagined that I would want any of my own. After my nephew turned one, I had that overwhelming feeling of yes, I want...no I need this. My husband and I started trying right away. Then with no success and both of us working full time and taking night classes, we put it off for awhile. We started trying again at the beginning of 2011.
 I remember thinking maybe we will have a Christmas baby. After about 5 months we got discouraged and just decided that what was meant to happen would.

In June, I met up with a very dear friend of mine from high school, (who was also going through the process of getting pregnant) and she had already started doing IUI's and gave me some helpful tips on getting pregnant! 

Thanks to her amazing words of wisdom, God, and pure sperm of steel! (my husband loves when I say that) we got the news we had been waiting for!  I had been taking pregnancy tests like they were going out of style for the last few months, so I was NOT expecting to see pregnant come across that test at all!!

The moment I got pregnant I started a love journal. My mom made one for me and I wanted one for my child. I wanted to document everything that happened during my pregnancy the good, the bad, the ugly. I wanted something for my child to read when he was old enough to truly know how loved he was from the very beginning; I know I cherish the one my mom wrote to me. 

I am  kicking myself in the ass .. I mean,regretting the fact that I didn't start blogging my pregnancy from the beginning!! I Think that having this blog to document our lives is the best thing I can do for my son. I want him to look back and see all the things that we did and how much love we share. I will of course continue to journal, but I love the idea that I can share what we do online with family and friends that live far away. 

Lets close with some tiny baby Ollie moments.
6 days old
seriously I die with all his cutness

Thanks for sticking around and reading my randomness

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